Telephone Show

The »flowmotion telephone show« is a modern and dynamic shadow performance. Based on the fact that with the apps on your »flowmotion navigator 2.0« you can jump to different sequences messages can be delivered in many ways.

You want to show your connection to the past and future or that customer service in your company is the best – no problem. By changing some details we easily connect sequences like history, work, energy, transport and travel to reflect the message of your event.

Customized 75 seconds of choreography plus the animation of the logo at the end of the show will give your guests the impression, that this act was especially created for them.

You still want to have more customization? Book a semi-customized show and we will create an app on our navigator especially for you!

You can see some impression of this show here — please note that all dancing girls will not be done in Arabian countries. We are aware of the customs and our shows are adapted to them.

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