Rosenbauer 2015

Example Production Run:
Stunt Show

Interschutz 2015 Hannover

Type of Show:
Stunt Show
Art Director:
Florian Berger

Partner Freerunning Team:
Ape Connection
Partner Special Effects:
My favourite Gearheads


The Interschutz is the world’s most renowned exhibition for rescue workers, firefighters and related professionals. 1,400 companies from 49 countries are presenting their cutting-edge products and services at this event, which is held only every 5 years.



Flowmotion has been asked to produce a stunt show that shall represent the products and spirit of our client Rosenbauer in an exciting and thrilling way. Although we planned an artistic homage to the “world of Rosenbauer”, it was of utmost importance to use all Rosenbauer products accordingly as most the audience members are professionals and use those products on daily bases.


Another challenge we had to face was the performance time and location. The show had to run for 6 days at 2pm (during daylight) at an outdoor location with a 360° audience and only one entrance to the performance area of 100m to 20m. Due to this situation we had to create big effects that are visible during daylight and to create a choreography that spreads over a very wide field and still faces multiple directions.

To be able to meet all requirements of this production we decided to work with partner companies who are specialized in their fields – industrial design and freerunning.


Step one was to research and experience the wide range of Rosenbauer products that are available and to decide with our client which products to use or not use in the show. In this process we already included our special effects partner.

Their knowledge on industrial design and passion for stage effects had a great impact on the performance. As a next step we drew a storyboard, which already showed the show and its effects we planned in images. These documents gave our client a clear impression of how the show would look, and was the base for involved parties to start the actual production.

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Choreographies for the artists and drivers, special effects, costumes, and music – all has been prepared separately.  This helped to save time and budget, but required a great deal of organization.

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