Qasr al Hosn

Example Production Run:
Shadow Show

Qasr al Hosn Festival
Type of Show:
Shadow Show
Art Director:
Florian Berger

Partner Music and Poem:
composed and produced under the supervision of local Emerati artists


The Qasr al Hosn Festival is an annual festival celebrating the history and heritage of Abu Dhabi and wants to remind the people of the traditional life in the area of Abu Dhabi before the modern city was build. The festival site is created around the old fort – Qasr al Hosn – and includes stands with original crafts, exhibitions, traditional food and an open air performance area.



Flowmotion has been asked to produce a shadow performance about the traditional life in the dessert of Abu Dhabi and the legend of how the city was found.

On one side the goal was to create a mesmerizing performance – an artistic homage to the heritage.

But next to being a high class entertainment program, the show was requested to go very precise on details especially shapes, movements and gestures of the characters and even a correct presentation of sequences such as for example planting trees and harvesting dates. To create a performance that has a precision in details that can convince experts, but also is artisticly attractive for audiences who are not familiar with those facts was the challenge. This is why the show was named “expression of heritage”.

From the storyboard

From the storyboard


Step one was to research the history of traditional Arabian life in order to understand the topic with all its details. Out of the knowledge we gained we drew a storyboard that already shows the shadow images that we planned and how the show run would look like. In relation to this our visual partner Motionlab created a style-guide for the projection design.

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As a final step of preparation the time line for the show including lengths and timings in seconds was written. Those documents were the base on which the actual production was started and allowed the client to get a clear impression on what is going to happen.

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