Mission Statement

To surprise clients, to impress audiences, to motivate employees, to express your company philosophy, to transport a message, to highlight your products – shows have no longer the single purpose to entertain, but need to fulfil several tasks. We at flowmotion understand these requests and are prepared to face such challenges.

Even more so, we love to create and to invent. This urge is necessary to continuously develop state of the art performances that have a high impact on its audience.

To achieve this, we are a team of professionals with a network of partners who all are experts in their fields. Visual artists, composers, DJs, costume designers, bodypainters and make-up artists,  movie production,  photographers, technical suppliers  and many more.

Under the artistic supervision and organising structure of the flowmotion production it is possible to create anything from shows, installations, flashmobs, photoshootings up to full movie productions.

Next to the possibility of customized shows we have a variety of existing shows.  These shows need less time in their preparation, but still can have small customizations such as a logo animation at the end of the performance.

So … what is your challenge for us?
How do you want to surprise?